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Support Resources

Get in touch with the support you need to be successful

Picture of an accessibility equipped bus

Accessibility Services

If you have a temporary or permanent disability, you can obtain help from the Office of Accessibility Services to help you achieve academic success.

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Students back turned showing his "A great resume takes four years to build" shirt

Career Services

Find out more information on career planning, resume building, interview preparation, and more.

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Three students helping each other hold up a beach ball

Carruth Center

Looking for individual, group, or couples counseling? You can find out about those services and others that the Carruth Center has to offer.

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Students signing cards behind a "One day to give back." sign

Center for Service and Learning

Learn more ways to engage in the campus and community and find ways to connect your engagement to your academic success. 

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Four students conversing in a dorm room


Gain more information about your residence hall and all housing options at West Virginia University.

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Student standing in front of IT service center sign

Information Technology Services

Need to rest your password for your email, replace your mountaineer card, or need help setting up Duo mobile? You can find all that information and more with ITS.

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Five students working on homework together


Learn more about Mindfit's short-term academic services and their academic coaching for those with learning or attention difficulties.

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Girl looking at books on a shelf

Student Conduct

Explore what the campus code is and what the Office of Student Conduct does.

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Five medical team members speaking to each other in a circle

Student Health Services

From coughs to ear infections to fevers, find out where you can go to find a doctor to treat your medical needs

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people walking in a lobby with a WVU "Your Future Starts Here" sign

Student Life

Gain more knowledge about what programs, services, and opportunities that West Virginia University has to offer you.

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Woman greeting two other women and shaking hands

Student Legal Services

Want to educate yourself about your legal rights? Student Legal Services is here to help you understand what those are and how they can help you.

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PRT on the move with trees in the background

Transportation and Parking

Find out more about where to park, if the PRT is running, bus services, and more transportation needs.

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Man playing the trumpet

Veterans Affairs Office

If you are a veteran, find out more about how the Center for Veteran, Military and Family programs can help you on your journey at West Virginia University.

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