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First-Year Seminars in Colleges, Schools and Departments

All new WVU students complete a First-Year Seminar course to help you transition to college life at WVU. If you’ve been directly admitted into your college and have questions about your FYS, please reach out to your course coordinator listed below.

This is a list of Course Coordinators for students that have been directly admitted into their colleges and are taking a 191 course within their department.

Subject Code College/Department Contact Name Contact Email
ANRD Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design Amber McLaughlin
ANTH Anthropology Susanna Donaldson
ARSC Arts and Sciences Brandon Ritter
ART Art John Hendricks
AV&S Animal & Veterinary Science Hillar Klandorf
BCOR Business Rachel Nieman
BIOL Biology Dana Huebert Lima
CHEM Chemistry Michelle Richards-Babb
COMM Communication Studies Brianna "Nikki" Loy
CRIM Criminology Kathie Reilly
CSAD Communication Sciences and Disorders Jayne Brandel
DSCI Data Science  David Miller
DTHY Dental Hygiene Ashlee Sowards
EDUC Education Zach Thayer
ENGL English Douglas Phillips
ENGR Engineering Lizzie Santiago
EXPH Exercise Physiology Miriam Leary
FIS Forensic and Investigative Science
Lisa Licata
HIIM Health Informatics and Information Management Miriam Leary
HIMM History William Hal Gorby
HONR Honors Ashley Watts
IMC Integrated Marketing Communications Aaron Hawley
IMMB Immunology & Medical Microbiology Meenal Elliot
INTS International Studies Clarissa Estep
LANG Language Brandon Ritter
MATH Math David Miller
MDIA Media Gina Martino-Dahlia
MDS Multidisciplinary Studies Brandon Ritter
MILS Military Science Penny Lipscomb
MUSC Music John Hendricks
NRSC Neuroscience Kristina Penikis
NSG Nursing Julian Nguyen
PALM Pathology, Anatomy, & Lab Medicine Miriam Leary
PASS Physical Activity/ Sport Sciences Zach Thayer
PHAR Pharmacy Mary Euler
PHIL Philosophy Brandon Ritter
PHYS Physics Duncan Lorimer
POLS Political Science John Kilwein
PSYC Psychology Elizabeth Levelle
PUBH Public Health Devon Neptune
RELG Religious Studies Brandon Ritter
SOC Sociology Susanna Donaldson
SOWK Social Work Rebekah Dunaway
SUST   Sustainability Studies TBA
THET Theater John Hendricks
WGST Women and Gender Studies Brandon Ritter
WVUE WVUe Rhonda Black